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Topic 1.

Electricity and Electric Charge


Electrostatics is the study of static electric charges. Some materials, like glass and silk, get electrical charges when they are rubbed together. This is because rubbing transfers  electrons (negative charges) from material to another.


An atom has an equal number of electrons and protons – it is neutral. d

  • If electrons are removed, the atom becomes positively charged.
  • If electrons are added, the atom becomes negatively charged.


Topic 2.

Problems caused by static electricity


Dangers of electrostatics Uses of Electrostatics
Fire – If static charges are allowed to discharge through the areas where there is petrol vapour, fire may occur. – Photocopiers
Electrostatic discharge can also damage electronic equipment – Electrostatic precipitators
Lightning is also a danger caused by electrostatics. – spray painting



1 There are two types of electric charges:

  • Positive charges
  • Negative charges

2 Like charges repel, unlike charges attract.

3 Electric charge is measured in Coulombs.



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